Who We Are

We are all-in-one Solution

Renovattio Group is an Ontario based corporation located in the heart of Vaughan. The company has a two-unit commercial office, each unit complete with a front officer for designer, engineers, management office and a full showroom with an attached warehouse to serve as workshop and to provide storage facility.

Our Group is an experienced and passionate group which specialize in simple, effective, complex design solutions. It’s our mission to listen to each client’s unique vision and craft stunning projects that suit them perfectly. Our team will bring your ideas to life using the highest standards of craftsmanship, customer service, and quality management. Every touch, down to the finest detail, will be tailored to you.

Renovattio Group aims at consolidation of the various aspects of retail display advertising market. As the industry currently fragmented with number of individual firms providing specific, niche and fixed designed displays and millwork, we at Renovattio Group aim at providing a "One Stop Shop", full array of services to our clienteles under one roof.

Our designers, engineers, project managers and installation crew here at Renovattio Group with over 21 year experience in the millwork/display market will provide full service from concept to the prototype to installation along with the environmental ad advertising to fulfill its promise to be a trendsetter in the woodwork and display marketplace. Our Professionals not only design our client's ideas to concept but also work closely and diligently to create exactly what the client has envisioned to display and advertise their product.

Our company has identified and approached several artisan and specialists who are ready to come abroad as a contract/permanent basis once the financing has been in place, desired equipment purchased and prospective contracts have been finalized.